Black Enterprise Magazine & Mixed Chicks Hair Behind The Scenes by Ayanna James


Behind the scenes footage of a Black Enterprise Magazine photo shoot with the owners of Mixed Chicks Hair Care. Kim (Right) is at full term pregnancy and having contractions in this picture. Definitely my most colorful and intense shoot to date.

Hits stores January 2013.

Photographer: Elton Anderson Wardrobe Styling: Ayanna James

Custom Jacket by Ayanna James

Custom Jacket Jacket for B.o.B designed by Ayanna James

While working with Bobby Ray, he asked me to design a jacket based off of the movie Shaolin, starring Jackie Chan. I partnered with an amazing tailor and embroider here in Los Angeles and this was the end product.

We also reconstructed a fitted had and Jeremy Scott boots to match. Before this, I never had never really designed anything myself. So this was definitely a challenge. Bob was so happy with this project. It was definitely fun to do.

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