Customer service
Distribution Solution
Complement your existing supply channels with forward supply chain distribution solutions from Mogultech, the premier independent semiconductor distributor in the industry.
•With 15 years of global supply chain sourcing experience, we have established the broadest, deepest and most dependable network of electronic components distribution suppliers in the world. This depth enables us to provide you with supply chain solution.
• IT procurement solutions offered by Mogultech include: –Hard-to-find semiconductors and materials –Bom Cost down
–Spot buy services
–Value-added services
–Small Volume Distribution
• With our attention to detail combined with a reputation of providing the best in total solutions, Mogultech is your trusted partner for forward supply chain procurement solutions.
Logistic Service
Mogultech is strict with the environment of storing, packing and transportation, stringently obeys manufactory’s standards of various levels IC preservation environment, abides by manufactory’s requirements in electrostatic protection, humidity control and thermostatic control, so that all parts can be “Zero Defect” to customer.
Each warehouse in Shenzhen and Hong Kong with totally more than 1,000 square meters can ensure:
Anti-static package
Humidity and sensitivity control
Thermostatic control
Paperless Office, operation by CRM system
Set up characters and pictures records of every client’s demands on package, label and marking
Set up files for every client’s requirements of transportation, choose the faster, safer and more economical shipping method.
According to client’s individual requirements, there is no MOQ demand, and flexible shipping method, can ensure the quickest delivery to customer.
•CIF, DDU, FOB, Truck
•Fedex, DHL, UPS
•Quanyi, Shunfen
Financial Support
Each client is corresponding to sole reserved customer code in CRM system
Flexible payment method
According to transaction status, provide Net 30 days, and the longest 90 days payment time